Welcome to the Middle Atlantic Division of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Our mission is to promote and advance the profession and practice of marriage and family therapy in Delaware, the District of Columbia and Maryland, as well as to support the individuals, couples, and families with whom we work. This site is a resource for both members and the public, and will provide you with information on Division Events and resources.

Attention MAD-AAMFT Members! We need to hear from you!

Attention all MAD Members! Come to our meeting on Friday September 15th in order to decide the path our division takes moving forward! Click here here for more information:

Hello MFTs in Maryland, Delaware, and DC! I'm Dr. Emily Cook, your current MAD President...but I won't be for long...

​​As you may or may not know, AAMFT is holding a second bylaws vote this summer to restructure ​divisions. Although ​MAD was able to mobilize a strong ​"​NO​"​ ​restructuring ​vote the first time, this ​summer's ​vote is expected to pass.​ We hope you take a look at the information sheet​ ​AAMFT has created about the upcoming bylaws vote:

2017 Bylaws One Pager (link to AAMFT document)

​​As MAD members, we must make crucial decisions about the future of our division and how to represent and organize as MFTs in Maryland, DC, and Delaware.​

Here are three options for MAD​ given to us by AAMFT​:

1. DISSOLVE: The division will dissolve and all remaining funds will be used by the Family TEAM to support advocacy efforts in our state(s). Members are free to choose participation in offered interest networks​.

Dissolution Timeline (link to AAMFT Central Document)

2. INTEREST NETWORK: Transform the division, or parts of the division, into an interest network providing "engagement programs". Their primary activities will be doing much the current division does; however, it is not necessary to have geographic boundaries aligned with the state lines. This could include conferences and networking opportunities. State advocacy efforts will be coordinated by the Family TEAM. If geographic in nature, the area can be as small as a Metro Area or region like Middle Atlantic or as large as Northeast US, as long as it has a cohesive mission, minimum of 25 members, leadership (4 officers), a balanced budget, and relevancy per AAMFT guidelines. Interest networks will establish their own dues structure (paid by members on top of AAMFT dues, and membership in additional interest networks) and interest networks will be required to payback 25% to AAMFT (waived in the first year if launched in 2018). Any interested AAMFT member and join any interest group.

Existing Divisions to Interest Network Timeline (link to AAMFT Central Document)

Legislative Advocacy with Interest Networks (link to AAMFT Central Document)

Sample Interest Network Application (link to AAMFT Central Document)

3. INDEPENDENT AFFILIATE: This would be the closest option to our current division structure and mission; think, "a franchise" of AAMFT. AAMFT will charge a 25% association management fee from the dues disbursement. The new "affiliate" organization will be required to follow strict accountability standards (minimum 350 members, operating reserves of 70%) and could be dissolved due to AAMFT determining they fall short. Affiliate dues would be paid on top of AAMFT dues and interest network dues, and would be restricted to members within the geographic area of the affiliate.

Independent Affiliate Timeline (link to AAMFT Central Document)

Legislative Advocacy with an Independent Affiliate (link to AAMFT Central Document)

Sample Independent Affiliate Application (link to AAMFT Central Document)

​MAD needs to hear from all members about about these changes proposed by AAMFT. Please use this link ​ to take a survey about your ideas, opinions, and concerns. We will be collecting survey responses until May 17, 2017, and will discuss this topic at the next MAD-AAMFT meeting on May 19, 2017 5:30-7:30 in Annapolis, MD (location TBD). Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

​Thank you! ​


Emily Cook, PhD, LCMFT
President, Middle Atlantic Division of AAMFT