Advocacy Day is an all‐day event for Marriage & Family Therapists in Annapolis.

The purpose of is to give Maryland MFTs the opportunity to educate our representatives about our field and to inform them about our priorities in a format that will have the greatest impact. Participants will be scheduled for meetings with their representatives and will also meet with legislators as part of a larger group. This event will take place as the 2014 session of the Maryland General Assembly opens, a time when your Delegates and Senators are available to listen to your hopes and concerns about the delivery of mental health services.

Why is it important?

Many professional groups in Maryland have a large membership and a conspicuous presence in Annapolis. For that reason and others, it is sometimes difficult for legislators to know their MFT constituents —this is an opportunity for your voice to be heard!

How can I participate?
There will be information soon when our next advocacy opportunity will occur. Check back here to get more information! Be sure to look in your email for division emails regarding upcoming events!
Also, February 4, 2014 was declared by Maryland’s Governor to be Maryland Marriage and Family Therapy Day! Check out our official decree!