District of Columbia Licensure for Marriage and Family Therapists

MFT licenses in Washington, D.C. are granted by the DC Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Contact information:

District of Columbia Board of Marriage & Family Therapy
899 N. Capitol Street NE, 1st Floor
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (877) 672-2174 or (202) 478-5791
Fax: (202) 727-8471

Email: thelma.aboagye@dc.gov

Application forms can be downloaded from their web site at:


Board Members: Sheila Holt (Chair), Donald Nunley, David Nickens, Sylvia Rosario

DC law prohibits health professionals from advertising or presenting themselves as marriage and family therapists unless they hold a valid DC MFT license.

Highlights of DC MFT License Requirements

Applicants for a DC Marriage and Therapy License can qualify in one of three ways:

  • New licensee: Demonstrate in application that all educational and experiential criteria are met, including 1500 face-to-face client contact hours over two calendar years, 300 hours of supervision by an approved AAMFT Marriage and Family Therapist, and a passing grade on the National MFT Exam;
  • Reciprocity: Submit proof of licensure in a state with licensure requirements substantially equivalent to DC requirements, and who license marriage and family therapists from DC in a like manner. The DC Board of Marriage and Family Therapy determines “substantial equivalence” on a case-by-case basis;
  • Grandfathering: Demonstrate in application that waiver criteria are met, for mental health professionals who have performed the functions of a marriage and family therapist for a minimum number of client hours per year, and who apply within a two year window. Note: these proposed grandfathering rules are pending final comment and approval.

The complete set of DC MFT license regulations including details for all three categories, specific coursework required, continuing education requirements, and rules for unlicensed graduates of MFT programs can be found at:


National MFT Exam requirements

Once the DC Marriage and Family Therapy Board has reviewed an application for licensure, it will provide the applicant with the contact information needed to register for the national exam. The examination is given three times a year during four-week windows. Additional information about the exam is available from the Association of Marital & Family Therapy Regulatory Boards at http://www.amftrb.org/examdate.cfm. The DC Board of Marriage and Family Therapy will determine the minimum passing grade.

AAMFT Membership for DC Licensees

To apply for membership in AAMFT go to


Individuals who hold an LCMFT from Washington, DC may apply for Clinical Membership via the licensure track by selecting Washington DC from the menu under “I am licensed/certified as a Marriage and Family Therapist.”