Licensure Information for the State of Maryland


  1. Call the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists of Maryland (410-764-4732) to request an application for taking the Marriage and Family Therapy exam. Requests must be made 10 weeks before the exam window opens.
  2. Complete the application and return it, with the $175 application fee, to the Board at:
    Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists
    4201 Patterson Avenue
    Baltimore, MD  212153.
  3. The Board will review the application, and if approved, applicants will receive information about the test, exam dates, and testing locations from the Professional Examination Service (PES).


  • The cost for taking the exam is approximately $300.
  • Questions about testing procedures and sites should be directed to PES at 212-367-4200.
  • Results of the test are available approximately two weeks after the testing window closes.

Useful Links:

Professional Exam Service (202-367-4200)
University of MD: Family Studies Department
Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists

Licensure Requirements:

Licensed Graduate Marriage and Family Therapist (LGMFT) Status

The Licensed Graduate Marriage and Family Therapist (LGMFT) status is granted to those individuals who have met the following criteria:

  • completed a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or a related area;
  • completed 60 graduate, semester credit hours which include all 45 specific, required credits in marriage and family coursework (please refer to the LCMFT course requirements for complete listing of courses needed); and
  • taken and passed the national exam.

LGMFTs must complete two years post graduate supervision by an approved supervisor which include:

  • 1000 direct client contact hours;
  • 1000 adjunctive therapy hours; and
  • a minimum of 50 individual hours and 50 group hours of approved supervision (total of 100 hours).

With the two years, clinical hours, and supervision hours completed, the LGMFT may apply to the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists for the Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT) designation which enables independent practice.

Licensure as a Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT)

An applicant for licensure as a Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT) shall have completed the following:

  1. A master’s or doctoral degree from an accredited educational institution approved by the Board and a minimum of (60) graduate credits for master’s degree holders (90) graduate credits for doctoral degree holders. At least 45 credit hours shall be in the following specific areas:
    1. Three courses in the Analysis of Family Systems, one course in each of the following:
      1. A Supervised Clinical Practicethat includes at least 60 hours of approved supervision and 300 hours of face-to-face client contact, at least 100 hours of which are with couples or families.
      2. Normal and Abnormal Personality Developmentwhich includes individual development across the life span and the family life cycle, and
      3. Psychopathology with emphasis on standard diagnostic manuals, as well as family systems models.
    2. Four courses in Family Therapy: Theory and Techniques:
      1. One course in Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental and Emotional Disorders in Family Systems; and
      2. A comprehensive survey course with substantive overview of the extant Major Models of Family Therapy, and two additional courses, which focus on one or several marriage and family therapy models, or three separate courses, each of which focuses on one or several marriage and family therapy models;
    3. One course in Couples Therapy: Theory and Techniques covering a comprehensive survey of the extant, major models, or three separate courses, each of which addresses a separate couples model;
    4. One course covering Gender and Ethnicity as they relate to marriage and family theory and practice, or two separate courses: one focusing on gender issues and one on ethnicity;
    5. One course covering Sexual Issues in Marriage and Family Therapy, including sexual normality, sexual dysfunction, and sexual orientation;
    6. One course in Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Marriage and Family Therapy.
  2. A minimum of 2 years and 2,000 hours of supervised clinical experience in marriage and family therapy (completed after the award of the graduate degree), obtained under the supervision of an appropriate supervisor as follows:
    1. 1,000 hours shall be of face-to-face client contact;
    2. B. The supervised clinical experience required shall include:

      (1) 1,000 therapy hours, all of which shall be face-to-face client contact hours; and

      (2) 100 approved supervision hours shall be:

                       1. 50 individual, facetoface clinical supervision;

                       2. A maximum of 50 may be facetoface group;

      (3) Approved marriage and family therapy supervision shall be conducted by:

        1. An AAMFT approved supervisor, or
        2. An AAMFT supervisor-in-training, or
        3. A Maryland licensed clinical marriage and family therapist or
        4. A mental health care provider, licensed in Maryland, who documents:
          1. Five or more years of clinical experience  working with couples and families, and
          2. Completion of a graduate level course in marriage and family therapy supervision, and
          3. Has been approved by the Board.
  1. Achieve a passing score on the following:
    1. The Examination in Marital and Family developed by the Association of Marital  and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards; and
    2. The examination on the Maryland Professional Counselors and Therapists Law and Regulations.

An applicant who fails an examination for certification or licensure is permitted to retake the examination again.

The information listed above represents the post-grandfathering requirements.
The grandfathering period ended on October 1, 2001